Cooking in the great outdoors can present some challenges and variability. Our recipes outline cooking times and temperatures assuming a moderate climate without winds. Once you get to know your grill (size and models will vary) in your climate, you can learn to adjust to them. Some of the factors within your control for more consistent results are:
Grids: The use of cast iron grids will retain more heat. Location: Position your grill in a place that is away from direct prevailing winds. Temperature: Bring foods to room temperature before grilling and use the upper racks for less intense heat. Equipment: Your barbecue should be equipped with a temperature gauge in the lid and fully adjustable controls. Spacing: Allow for spacing between foods so that air can circulate and prevent slower cooking time. Lid Position: Keep the lid closed where possible. To reduce heat when cooking on low with the lid closed, turn themiddle burners off. If grilling with the lid open, we recommend that you preheat the barbecue onmediumand adjust the settings to medium high.